Classics 8th Grade - Stadnik

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  • Sadejah Smith- Free throws
  • 6th Grade Girls- Fall 2014
  • Fiona Schulz- Free throws
  • Tori Macdonald- Free throws

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Fall-Winter 2019-20 Tryouts Schedule -Update 8-21 - Pre-Tryouts Gym Change Sept 5th

August 21, 2019 - Pre-tryouts Sept 5th - Venue change from Earl Wood to Parkland Middle. August 20, 2019 - Pre-Tryouts Open gyms for Sep 3-5 schedule updated adding high school girls team initial practice sessions.
August 11, 2019 - The Classics AAU...


End of Summer Speed Agility and Conditioning Workouts - August 21 Update!!

Our late summer pre-season workouts while thunderstormed out Tuesday 8-20, we had a great workout tonight 8-21 after the skies cleared up at 615 with 9 athletes worked out.. After warm-ups and some medum speed work they cruised through 4 400s at target paces of 90-120 seconds (by age), them some agility work with jump ropes and speed ladder drills followed by 3on3on3 and then 5...