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October 24,2021 05:09 PM

Classics Update Fall 2021 - 10-24-21

Just a few updates as we get into the  Fall more.

1. This is the last week to buy Pizza Kits! Chances are if you’ve already bought a Pizza Kit, it’s been made, baked and eaten - so order more now, before time runs out!  Buy your favorites today, and re-send the link to your family and friends who may have forgotten to order, and post one more time on social media, just to be sure no one missed it. 

Thanks for your help and support of the Classics Basketball fundraiser!

To order delicious pizza kits, breadsticks and/or cookies to support our fundraiser, click HERE:
(Click on each product for more information about what is included in kit, prep

October 24,2021 05:08 PM

Concussion Info and Resources

Here are links to several handy fact sheets and guides on concussions ans properly mananging return to activities.

Fact Sheet for Parents

Fact Sheet for Athletes

Fact Sheet for Coaches

Parent and Athlete Concussion Information Sheet

Parents Guide to Concussions

The CDCs Heads Up Site provides additional helpful information - Heads Up

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