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July 1,2022 06:17 AM

Fall-Winter Season Tryouts Preliminary Info

The Fall-Winter season tryouts for 2nd-8th grade boys and girls teams will be held in the September 6th-12th time frame with most tryouts sessions occurring on the Sept 10-11 weekend..  We expect to have detailed schedule info published on the Tryouts page by August 15th.   Many of our teams are still practicing and playing through early-mid August so please contact us at to arrange a check out session.

October 24,2021 05:08 PM

Concussion Info and Resources

Here are links to several handy fact sheets and guides on concussions ans properly mananging return to activities.

Fact Sheet for Parents

Fact Sheet for Athletes

Fact Sheet for Coaches

Parent and Athlete Concussion Information Sheet

Parents Guide to Concussions

The CDCs Heads Up Site provides additional helpful information - Heads Up

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Classics Basketball provides opportunities for young athletes to perform at highly competitive levels and assisting each athlete in their growth and development in thier sport and with their educational and social skills.

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