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Classics AAU Basketball Club Spring-Summer Season Open Gyms and Tryouts Schedule Update 3-13-22
3/13/22 - 10:44 AM

Mar 13, 2022 - 10am - The tryouts schedule has been updated to reflect changes from weather closures and recent gym permit changes for some of the open gyms.  Here is the updated link as of 3-13-22:  link to download a PDF of the above Open Gyms and Tryouts Schedule.

Mar 12, 2022 - 2pm:  Due to the closure of MCPS facilities as of noon today, we have to cancel this evening's High School Boys tryouts session. We do plan to have the tryouts session tomorrow evening as planned!! A second session will be worked out by tomorrow night and we will update the schedule once determined.
Any questions, please email or call 301-706-6902.

Mar 8 2022 - A minor update has been made to the 8u9u/2nd3rd boys assessments. Please see the complete open gym and tryouts schedule for Boys and Girls in Grades 3-8 and High School grades has been updated as of 3-8-22, 10pm on the Tryouts page 
(URL if link does not work- We have added specific assessment tryouts sessions for 2nd and 3rd grade boys.  

Any questions, please email us at or text/call 301-706-6902 - when texting please identify player name, gender and grade.
Thank you and good luck!



Classics Update Fall 2021 - 10-24-21
10/24/21 - 05:09 PM

Just a few updates as we get into the  Fall more.

1. This is the last week to buy Pizza Kits! Chances are if you’ve already bought a Pizza Kit, it’s been made, baked and eaten - so order more now, before time runs out!  Buy your favorites today, and re-send the link to your family and friends who may have forgotten to order, and post one more time on social media, just to be sure no one missed it. 

Thanks for your help and support of the Classics Basketball fundraiser!

To order delicious pizza kits, breadsticks and/or cookies to support our fundraiser, click HERE:
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Pizza Kits, etc. will be delivered directly to your home by FedEx - delivery in about 7-10 days; flat rate shipping for up to 2 kits

2. The Fall Classics gear sale continues through November 15th - go the gear store at
(Note some browsers may blockk the site due to a certain combination of letters...if it does you can usually bypass by going t the Advanced button in your browser)

3. Teams are wrapping up their fall leagues and planning for the winter seasion with combinations of leagues and tournaments.  Pleas ebe sire to let your team coach(es) now if your athlete may have other winter leagues they might be doing through school, religious org, or neighborhood friends so they can plan the Classics team events with that in mind.



Concussion Info and Resources
10/24/21 - 05:08 PM

Here are links to several handy fact sheets and guides on concussions ans properly mananging return to activities.

Fact Sheet for Parents

Fact Sheet for Athletes

Fact Sheet for Coaches

Parent and Athlete Concussion Information Sheet

Parents Guide to Concussions

The CDCs Heads Up Site provides additional helpful information - Heads Up


Pre-Tryouts Schedule Changes for Sept 8th and 9th!!!
9/8/21 - 06:05 AM

Due to scheduling issues at Westland Tuesday night, we ve made some changes to the pre-tryouts workouts shifting 13U boys to Thursday evening at Bayard Rustin ES.  Changes are listed in bold below to the Pre-Tryouts workouts

Girls Sessions:
3rd-4th Girls: Tuesday Sept 7th 7-8pm - Farmland ES - Coaches Holly and Jermaine 
5th Grade Girls: Thursday Sept 9th 6-730pm - Bayard Rustin ES - Coaches Tom and Mike
6th Grade Girls: Tuesday Sept 7th 6-730 at Hoover Middle and/or Wednesday Sept 8th 6-730 at Newport Mill Middle
7th Grade Girls: Tuesday Sept 7th 730-9 at Hoover Middle and or Wednesday Sept 8th 730-9 at Newport Mill Middle
8th Grade Girls: Wednesday Sept 8th 730-9 at Newport Mill Middle  and/or Thursday Sept 9th 730-9 at Bayard Rustin ES (cancelled)
High School Girls: 9th-12th Grades Open Gyms at Einstein High School 730-9pm:  9/8 - Aux, 9/9 - Main - Coaches Jermaine, Shaunre, Perry Eddie, Rob, and Andy

Boys Sessions: 
3rd and 4th Grade (9u/10u) Boys: Thursday Sept 9th - 615-730 - Rock Creek Valley ES - Coach K
13u-7th Grade Boys: - Tuesday Sept 7th - Westland Middle 630-8pm RESCHEDULED:Thursday Sept 9th 730-9pm - Bayard Rustin ES 
14U 8th Grade Boys: - Tuesday Sept 7th 6-7pm - Farmland ES - Coach Nick
High School Boys: Thursday Sept 9th  - 745-9 - Rock Creek Valley ES - Coach K


Tryouts Info and Schedule for the Fall-Winter 2021-22 Classics AAU Basketball Season
8/31/21 - 06:02 AM

August 30, 2021 - Due to gym availability changes, the 5th grade girls pre-tryouts session on Sept 9th is now at Bayard Rustin ES 6-730 and 7th grade girls combined with 8th Girls at Rustin 730-9.

August 28, 2021 - There have been a few minor changes in pre-tryouts sessions that have been updated on the Tryouts page. The 3rd4th girls, 5th girls (added), 13u/7th boys and 14u/8th Boys sessions have shifted around a little.

Details on the Fall-Winter 2021-22 Tryouts has been  updated on our Tryouts page.  Currently tryouts are planned for the weekend of September 11-12 at Churchill High School. THere are also several pre-tryouts open gym sessions scheduled from Sept 1-9. The details for these are also on the tryouts page.. 

Please down load and review the schedule carefully and note the attendance criteria and documents required to be brought to check-in.  NOTE: When downloading the schedule pdf within your browser please refresh so you are not viewing a cached file version.

There will be two forms required to be provided at the tryouts check in.
Here are links to the two forms to be downloaded and filled out:

Covid19 Return-To-Play Waiver form

Covid 19 Pre-Practice-Event Heath Screening form

Please be advised that these tryout/evaluation sessions require players and attendees to maintain appropriste distancing and wear face coverings at all times except during a water break.

Any revision to the schedule will be updated on this main website page and on the Tryouts page as well.

Any questions, please email us at or text/call 301-706-6902 - when texting please identify player name, gender and grade.
Thank you and good luck!

-Coach Andy