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Classics AAU Basketball Club Spring-Summer 2021 Season Team Tryouts Update
2/28/21 - 10:56 AM

Feb 28 2021 - The Classics AAU Basketball Club has updated detailed information about our Spring-Summer 2021 Player Tryout/Evalautions and  Return-To-Play  plans on our Tryouts Page. You can download and read a PDF version at this link.

In summary, we will be scheduling spring-summer season candidate player evaluations/tryouts for our teams during mid March through early April.  MoCo Health Covid-19 rules currently limit such events at various potential venues that we would normally use .  The information on the Tryouts Page or the PDF link provide details on the registration process. More specific dates, times, and locations for age/grade group sessions will be sent out via the Player Profile email database by March 10th.   For your information, all athletes and parents attending these sessions will need to provide a signed Covid-19 waiver form and be subject to our health screening survey. These forms can be found on links on the main page news article - click here

If you are considering trying out for a Classics AAU club team for 2021, and are new to the Classics program, as noted in the detailed information please submit a Player Proflle using this Player Profile link.


Happy Holidays from Classics Basketball and Spring Look Ahead
12/28/20 - 01:43 PM

Happy Holidays from Classics AAU Basketball - sorry for the belated greetings but our system provider was offline for the past 5 days doing major system maintenance..  

Here is to a happy and healthy 2021 to all!

Stay tuned for updates on our plans for Spring-Summer team tryouts and getting all back on the courts!  Several teams continue to practice and are holding training workouts throughout the fall and winter.  If you are interested in a specific age/grade group contact please email us at

Coach Andy


Classics AAU Skills Challenge II - Results
10/4/20 - 04:17 PM

With super awesome weather we had over 30 athletes take on the AAU Skills Challenge course on Saturday, October 3rd.  Many thanks to the event helpers and parents during the day!  Below is a summary table of all the results by player sorted by gender and grade.
Hailey C F 5 8.25 15 5 5 0 17
Adiana M F 5 7.25 18 8 8 3 21
Layla G F 5 8.84 14 9 8 1 19
Lauren C F 6 7.09 16 8 4 1 28
Maya G F 6 8.22 19 8 7 4 27
Sydney A F 6 8 15 5 1 4 16
Annika G F 6 8.96 12 8 1 0 16
Moira H F 7 6.97 16 9 7 3 24
Avni K F 7 7.56 21 8 9 5 37
Isabella B F 7 7.16 22 7 6 4 28
Madesen L F 7 7.16 17 10 5 2 25
Maya B F 8 6.92 13 9 6 4 23
Amanda G F 8 8.4 28 6 4 1 25
Allie K F 8 7.66 21 9 1 4 27
Ananeah N F 8 7.23 25 10 5 2 30
Janavi L F 8 7.97 21 8 2 2 27
Sophie C F 8 6.84 24 8 4 0 14
Faith GJ F 8 6.22 21 11 7 3 20
Julia F F 8 7.72 22 9 7 1 30
Olivia H F 8 7.03 20 9 5 2 16
Berkley W F 9 7.34 31 9 7 3 34
Lexi S F 10 7 27 9 7 3 21
Mariyah B F 11 9.68 23 5 7 3 26
Kelly D F 11 6.65 26 9 4 3 31
Sam A M 4 10.62 8 4 6 4 14
Alden C M 8 6.72 26 11 6 7 26
Sebastian D M 8 7.13 26 8 7 3 22
Eben T M 8 6.68 23 8 7 3 30
Mason W M 8 6.6 18 8 2 3 25
Henry B M 8 6.35 25 8 3 4 32
Thomas T M 8 6.68 26 9 5 7 31
Dymitry  P M 10 6.16 30 12 8 3 32
Jason M M 11 6.13 30 10 9 2 32


Classics AAU Basketball Club - AAU Skills Challenge II - Oct 3rd
9/28/20 - 06:33 AM

The Classics AAU Basketball Club wide AAU Skills Challenge and Player Assessment will be held Saturday Oct 3rd at Redland Middle School.

This is open to all Classics AAU Club  team players from 3rd grade through 12th both boys and girls.  There are 8, 45minute time slots to choose from during the day starting at 9am with the final slot at 315pm. Each time slot is limited to 6 athletes.

Athletes should arrive 10-15 minutes before their selected Skills Challenge time to check in and have some time to warm up. On average it will take a player 30-40 minutes to go through the 6 skills challenges.  

The 6 athletes in a time block will each start on a different event.  The 6 events are:
60 Second Mikan (3 attempts),
50 yard dash (3 attempts),
Right/Left Hand half court layups - 90 seconds (2 attempts),
4 minute continuous shooting drill - block2block, mid hash to mid hash, short corner to short corner and elbow 2 elbow 
15 Free Throws (untimed), and
15 three point shots from 5 spots (untimed).

Grade based results will be posted on the Classics web site by Sunday October 4th. 

Players should have a valid AAU membership with added benefit ($16) obtained through their coach already or directly from using Classics AAU Basketball Club code WYD8BY.  

There is a fee of$20 for the event due upon arrival or by paying ahead of time via PayPal Friends to

We're using (the leading online SignUp and reminder tool) to organize our Skills Challenge event.
Here's how it works in 3 easy steps:
1) Copy and paste this link into a browser window:
or click here
2) Review the options listed and choose the spot you like.
3) Sign up! It's Easy - you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on
Note: does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact me and I can sign you up manually

Any questions please email Coach Andy at or call 301-706-6902.



Classics AAU Skills Challenge I - Results by Grade
9/12/20 - 06:49 PM

We had an excellent turnout today at the first Classics AAU Skills Challenge. Athlete challenges encompassed 6 individual events - Timed Layups, Mikan Drill, 50 yard dash, a 5 minute continous shooting drill, free throws/1 and 3 pointers/15. Here is a summary by Grade for the Girls who participated. 
Look for a club wide open event coming soon Sept 26-27 or Oct 3-4 weekends

  50 Yd Free Throw Mikan 3 pointer Layup 5 minute
5th Grade Hailey Laila Tie Layla Hailey Ties
6th Grade Lauren Lauren Maya Sydney Maya Maya
7th Grade Moira Iyanna Avni Raegan Avni Avni
8th Grade Zoe Janavi Malika Amanda 3 way tie Mailka
High School Lexi 3 Way Tie Tie Paige 5 way tie Grace


Classics AAU Basketball Club Fall-Winter 2020-21 - Come Join Us and Get Your Game Up!
9/3/20 - 06:48 PM

While we are not able to hold our typical weekend of tryouts on Sept 12-13 and form/re-form teams, many of our coaches and teams from the spring-summer season have been holding, or are starting, outdoor workouts and training sessions following proper Covid19 protocols for distancing, and prohibiting scrimmages of any kind, as basketball continues to be categorized as a high risk level sport in Maryland. Thus, games and even scrimmaging is not allowed currently. 

For those players and families who may be interested in getting connected with an age/grade group team please submit a player profile at this link:

We will follow-up with you within 24 hours of submitting an interest profile.
If you have any questions please email or call us - or 301-706-6902

For your information here are some current typical team practice sessions and times for some of the teams:
2nd-3rd Girls - Mon and Wed 530-630
5th-6th-7th Girls - Mon, Tues, Wed or Thurs 6-715
8th Girls - Mon, Tues, Wed 630-8
High School Girls - Mon, Tues, Wed or Thurs 715-830 (lighted)
7th Boys Mon and Thurs 6-730


Classics AAU Basketball Update on Covid-19 Operations and Gear Ordering
8/2/20 - 06:48 PM

Hi Classics AAU Basketball Club Families and Friends,

August is upon us and the Classics coaches and I hope you are all fairing well through these ongoing challenging times. Some coaches are running outdoor weekly workouts and during these, we maintain social spacing, not sharing or passing basketballs and focusing on skill development and conditioning. Players who attend must have submitted a Classics Covid19 Waiver form to their coach before attending, and review the Classics Health Screening survey before attending each session.  These documents are available from the Classics website main page at   (Also see the related article from 8-1-20.)There is no scrimmaging allowed under current Md and MoCo guidelines so the focus is conditioning and skill development work.  Also several Classics players either individually or as a team of players are also working out at the Pro Fit Athletes gym run by Coach Julian Vaughn in Rockville under proper protocols.

You may hear of some organizations running scrimmages, 3on3 events,  or going to tournaments out of the area.  That is a large risk as for one the former (scrimmaging/games) is not allowed in Md or MoCo at this time. I am aware of some groups who have been warned or fined for violating the County Executive Orders Second, a few people I know from other organizations on return were informed they now have to quarantine for 14 days due to potential exposure – again a challenge and risk we do not want our athletes or families exposed to.  This requires our collective patience regarding “return-to-play” and we will continue our current approach to player development in the interim and build our players strength and skills.

We know not all players are able to participate just as not all coaches are able to run sessions for their team(s) either, due to specific family considerations under Covid19.  We encourage players in that situation to sign up and attend at home Zoom training sessions with Coach Andrew Harding (see the Player Development page) and/or to use the HomeCourt app for its skill drills and conditioning challenges to stay on top of things.  Some coaches have also been running Zoom training sessions for their players as well.

The coaches and I have also been discussing and planning things for the fall and winter given the shuttering of almost all school sports programs through at least January and the ongoing remote learning challenges all of our families are “looking forward to”… may be….   Community Use in MCPS gyms has been cancelled through the end of January 2021.  We are working on planning some events and activities for the fall and winter for our players. There will be more information on these events such as an AAU Skills Challenge, 1on0 scoring rodeo, Classis 5k run, and others coming out soon.  Stay tuned to future emails for information on these and other events.

Finally, today here is an update on Classics Basketball gear ordering.  Due to Covid-19 production process changes at our Classics gear vendors' facilities, we have to change our ordering process to meet their approach, so please stay tuned for periodic Classics Gear ordering messages with links to an ordering site that will be open for two weeks typically and orders will be shipped directly to you within 30 days of the ordering window closure.   We are planning to have our first one starting on or about August 10th.  We hope to have our future gear ordering windows tied into seasonal events like tryouts, before end of year holidays, and at one or two other times during the year for at least 3 to 5 ordering windows. We hope you understand this process will also result in more timely delivery since orders should be larger in quantity and follow within the month after placement. This does not affect the uniform ordering process which is initiated through the team coach or manager.

Links to this ordering website during the gear ordering window will be on the Classics Gear page, and emailed to all in our database and to all coaches.  There are some Classics Gear items will still be available for direct request anytime - such as basketballs, drink cups, pins, and things listed on the Gear page on the website. You can order those by sending an email to: 

If you have any questions about any items or issues in this email or anything else always feel free to email, text or call me..anytime.

Thank you.

Andy Stadnik
Classics AAU Basketball



Classics Basketball Club Return-To-Play Information and Update 8-1
8/1/20 - 06:48 PM

Under Phase 2 activities in MoCo, specific age/grade group coaches may begin holding outdoor workouts. 

Players will need to complete and turn in a hard copy of the Classics Covid19 Waiver form and also notify the coach/workout leader of their health status before they attend an event using the Classics Health Screening Survey form.

Here are links to these two forms to be downloaded and filled out:

Covid19 Return-To-Play Waiver form

Covid 19 Pre-Practice-Event Heath Screening form

Any questions parents may have on this process, please email or call Coach Stadnik 301-706-6902

To address many comments and questions regarding the 2020-21 program year; 

As of 8-1-20, the traditional fall-winter tryouts will not be held indoors as is typically done the weekend after Labor Day. The Classics coaches are developing plans to conduct some form of seasonal tryouts in September following current Covid19 guidelines with skills focused assessments without any scrimmaging, sharing of gear or equipment, etc., in accordance current limitations on youth basketball.  Please check back for updates about August 30th.  Plans are for Classics teams including High School teams to continue outdoor practices currently being held during the summer to continue throughout the fall and into the winter months as weather and other conditions allow. In lieu of games and scrimmages which are currently prohibited, several other events are being planned for Sept-Mar.