Classics 8th Grade - Stadnik

Photo Gallery.

  • Sadejah Smith- Free throws
  • 6th Grade Girls- Fall 2014
  • Fiona Schulz- Free throws
  • Tori Macdonald- Free throws

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Classics Tryouts Online Player Profile Now Working - 8-31-18

If you were having difficulties submiiting a player profile recently for the upcoming tryouts through our online player profiel system the "captcha" screener issue has been fixed!  If you do not receive Classics club email messages then please submit a player profile - more...

Classics AAU Basketball Fall-Winter Tryouts and Pre-Tryouts Open Gyms Schedules UPDATE 8-27-18

The schedule for Classics AAU Basketball's Fall-Winter 2018-19 Season Tryouts for Grades 2-8 has been posted on the Tryouts page at  Tryouts sessions will be Sept 8-9 at Churchill High Schoo...


New Annual Season 2018-19 Set Up

If you are looking for articles from prior to August 15, 2018, please check the SEASON listing in the drop down at the top of the page for season selection for past seasons/years - we are now leading with the 2018-19 Season so only those articles will display on Club and Team News pages....